The USA’s Nuclear Arms are Controlled by 70’s Floppy Disks


In a Department of Defense report today, the D.O.D. reports that a large majority of our Nation’s Nuclear Arms are controlled by 8 inch Floppy Disks that are vastly insecure & down right dangerous.  My favorite excerpt from the article is the perspective piece:

“Just to put it into context, the eight-inch disks America’s nuclear gatekeepers are using have 237.25KB of memory, which is roughly enough to store 15 seconds of audio. Which to be fair, is plenty of time to enjoy this to the full.

But if you wanted to compare it to an inexpensive 32GB memory card, you would need more than 130,000 disks to contain the same amount of storage. Fun fact, if you stacked the disks one on top of another, they would be more than 200 meters tall!“


Without Further Ado: