Amazon is eyeing up Ticketmaster 🎟️


We learned yesterday that Amazon, a company that has dominated nearly every realm of online commerce for a decade, is side-eying longtime leader in online ticket sales: Ticketmaster.

The move doesn’t necessarily surprise me, as the two companies met to strike a deal last year, but it does exemplify a long-term trend we see in Tech. The trend of tech giants that do one thing amazingly – stepping into many other spheres where they see weakness or growth. In this scenario, the weakness is Ticketmaster’s inability to get rid of bots that purchase popular concert tickets in minutes before the actual fans an click & checkout.  The move makes sense, as Amazon has certainly mastered online checkout with its one-touch checkout feature in its app & in-browser checkout supremacy.  Essentially they’re lightyears beyond Ticketmaster in ease of purchasing.  

Beyond Amazon’s ticket & venue ambitions, it looks like the $424B Goliath is repeating the steps of Google in years past.  Google mastered search, then began mastering the experience around search – doing things that previously had been done – but better. For example google reverse image search came out 2 years after already had the technology, but they just did it better with their already established (and vast) google images database.

In sum, I see Amazon as an accelerating company in most spheres surrounding eCommerce & if they can prevent bots from buying up tickets in seconds for profit, maybe Ticketmaster will be added to the carnage list Amazon has been accruing.  Only time will tell.


by Alex Guyton – Friday August 11, 2017