Amazon is now the largest retailer for Millennials (too)

Clothing is probably not what most people think of when they think of Amazon. But the data continues to show they should.

Case in point: Amazon registered the most apparel sales in 2016 of any online retailer in the U.S. for shoppers aged 18 to 34 — yes, millennials. The e-commerce giant accounted for nearly 17 percent of all online clothing sales to this demographic last year, more than doubling the market share of the No. 2 seller, Nordstrom.

Old Navy, J. Crew and Victoria’s Secret rounded out the Top 5.

The findings are from the research firm Slice Intelligence, which gets its data from actual digital receipts of online shoppers who opt into its research panel. Slice includes everything from underwear to dresses to baby clothes in its calculation, but not footwear.

 Already in the lead, Amazon is trying to extend it. The company has introduced some of its clothing brands, under labels such as Lark & Ro, and is working on its own line of athletic wear, Recnode,net reported.  One other interesting finding from the chart above: Stitch Fix, the young company that sends personalized assortments of clothing to customer homes, is only five years old and already cracked the Top 10. And its online market share among millennials is almost equal to that of household brands like Macy’s and Gap, and larger than Banana Republic and British fast-fashion site Asos.